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MP3 Wav Editor - Fulfill your most pioneer musical rhapsody

mp3 wav editor As a music fan, you may come up against some problem that seems to you almost a mission impossible. You muss up a sea of Mp3 files and want to add your personal touches to them but simply find no suitable tools at hand. Now, things are totally different when you boast MP3 Wav Editor. With this all-in-one audio package, you can easily become an "Eminent Music Producer". MP3 Wav Editor enables you to pick out favorite music from CDs or on the internet, rearrange their order and montage them at your  own will.

All-In-One Audio MP3 Package

  • MP3 to Wav Converter (MP3 decoder)
  • Wav to MP3 Converter (MP3 encoder)
  • MP3 Splitter
  • MP3 Joiner
  • CD Ripper
  • CDDB query support, build your own local CD database
  • MP3 Renamer
  • MP3 Tag name Editor
  • MP3 Manager (support Winamp playlist)
  • Built-in MP3 Player / CD Player
  • User Friendly & Specially Designed For Users.
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All-in-one   tool I was looking for Very nice product. I was looking to combine two separate songs that flow into eachother into one, and I was using 4 different utilities to get this and make it sound right. This does it all very well - splites, combines, converts wav and mp3 files.  It works awesome, and is better than gobs of other one-function utilities. Note: No problems installing or splitting files as others may have had. Everything works great for me. 
Johnny Doe 23-Oct-2002

MP3 Wav Converter - Share the pleasure with your beloved and friends.

Convert Wav to MP3, play it in your Portable MP3 player and PC.
MP3 (.mp3) is a popular compressed audio format widely used to transfer music over the internet. MP3s are created by taking wave audio data and processing it with a special algorithm. This algorithm removes parts of the audio that theoretically cannot be detected with the human ear; in actuality, there will be some degradation of quality, but this depends on the quality (bit rate) with which you choose to encode
the file.

The net result is an MP3 file which is vastly smaller than the original wave file, but sounds very nearly as good. As an example of the huge size different between a wave file and an MP3, a three minutes song will take up 30 Mb as a wave file, but only between 2 and 7 Mb as an MP3 (depending on the bit rate you choose). This explains why MP3 files are so popular for trading music on the internet.

You can select the option to set the mp3 quality, MPEG version, sample rate, bit rate,. which method to encode is best? VBR or CBR?

  • Different MP3 encoding quality


MPEG Version


Bit rate











Joint Stereo










Joint Stereo





Joint Stereo





Joint Stereo











Click there to to get which quality is best for you?

  • Convert your custom WAV creations into MP3 and publish them on the internet. for downloading.
  • Convert your MP3s to lower or higher quality format MP3 files

Convert MP3 to Wav, create CD compatible WAV files so you can burn them on a CD.
Converting MP3 to Wav is commonly used as mp3 decoding. Often the MP3s are converted into other formats so you can sample songs, edit it in some sound editor. But most important is Wave file has high quality as Audio CD, so you can
burn all your favorite songs on one CD.

You can convert mp3 to wav and convert wav to mp3 easily with MP3 Wav Editor. All you need to do is adding your favorite mp3 and wave files into the list, with only one click, all the conversions will be done automatically.

Grab audio CD tracks to MP3 or Wav, collect all your favorite songs together.

Want to get your music off your CDs so you can edit it, burn it, or convert it? Sure, it's possible to play a CD on your computer and simply record the output onto disk -- but you'll lose a lot of the quality that makes CDs sound so good.

That's because your music gets degraded as the signal passes through your PC's soundcard and is converted to analog and then back to digital again. The solution? A process called "ripping", where your PC actually extracts the music directly from the CD in all of its pure digital fidelity, and saves it directly to your hard drive without involving your soundcard at all. MP3 Wav Editor lets you quickly and easily rip audio from your CDs directly into MP3s or wave files. It sounds great, and couldn't be easier to use!

Suppose you've got a lot of CDs each one of which may only contains a few songs that you like, now you can convert these songs into MP3, store them into portable mp3 player and listen to them at any time without the need to change CD. The alternative is to convert these songs into Wave files and use this software to burn a unique CD of yourself.

CD Ripper Features:

  • Extract audio from your CD collection in pure digital format .
  • Extract audio at high speeds.
  • Rip from any drivers supported by your PC (MP3 Wav Editor lets you choose).

Query CD track information and save them in your output mp3s.

The Query CD information function of MP3 Wav Editor enables you to query Artist, Album, Genre, Year, CD tracks title and other information of CDs through Internet. This information can be easily stored into your local hard disc. Next time when you access to this CD, this information will automatically be displayed. If you try to convert CD tracks into MP3, information of Artist, album, Genre, year, titles can be wrote into MP3's Tag name.

Fully display your taste and expertise, fulfill your most pioneer musical rhapsody

Split large MP3 into small ones

Sometimes you may download an MP3 consists of multi-song and you only need a segment of it or you
'd like to cut a section of it for other use, you can make it by MP3 Wav Editor. You simply add the MP3 you are to cut into the list and
set the start time and end time of the cutting. MP3 Wav Editor can process the cutting of more than one file in just one time. You can choose the cut file be MP3 or Wave and output quality of the cut file is adjustable.

Make changes and add personal touches to your favorite MP3s

Join your favorite MP3s into one.

After the batch-cutting of MP3, you can merge these files into a whole MP3 or a single Wave file. Simply add your selected MP3 to the Join List, arrange the order and the merge makes the MP3 full of your personality.

Mange your MP3 playlist with build-in MP3 player/CD player.

  • Build your own mp3 playlist and support M3U playlist
  • edit MP3 tag name information with easy way.
  • Only a click on a certain button and you have renamed all Mp3 files whose names have now become <artist>-<title> which are easy to query.

User Friendly & Specially Designed For Users.

as a enthusiastic music fan, I need to do a lot of setup when using other MP3 tools, the complicated and fussy operation really set me back. So the design of Mp3 Wav Editor is based on practical function, each function is equipped with a perfect and friendly interface to make the operation as easy as possible.

Instructional videos for beginers

You can click here to download any of the MP3 Wav Editor training videos and watch MP3 Wav Editor in action today, right on your computer screen. You can see for yourself why it's such a milestone.

There are 6 videos in all, and they're absolutely free. Just know that it can take 3 - 14 minutes to download each video (depending on the size of the particular video and the speed of your modem).

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