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Note: We cooperate with to process and manage our online affiliates orders. You can check your online orders in real time and get your referral fee by signing up the easy and FREE service. If you have already joined the RegNow Affiliates Service, then fill the form below. Please double check your email address in the  field, as this is where we will be sending you all of your information.

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WARNING: Note on Spam and its Consequences
Affiliates sending unsolicited commercial e-mail or posting to 'inappropriate' newsgroups has become more of a problem lately. It is against your affiliate agreement to advertise MP3 Wav Editor via unsolicited e-mail. Some people think that dealer 'spam' e-mail originated from us, damaging our reputation and causing us many administrative problems. DO NOT send unsolicited e-mail to promote MP3 Wav Editor, or you will be in
violation of your affiliate agreement and your accout will be terminated, forfeiting all outstanding referral fees. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

However, do not get this confused with PROPER WAYS to promote MP3 Wav Editor.
Please recommend the course in your autoresponders, in a personal e-mail to your customers and subscribers, you lead lists, people that contact you and you stay in touch with, a newsletter list, at your web site, even in appropriate e-mail discussion lists,etc. This is not spamming.

Promotional Techniques: You are free to promote the link(s) to MP3 Wav Editor in all the ways we recommend in the introduction e-mail letter you receive immediately after you sign up. Examples of acceptable ways to promote the course are: through banners, text links, letters of recommendation to newsletter subscribers or your client base. However, if you use SPAM (in any way, shape or form, including e-mail and newsgroup spamming), or offer the products on any WAREZ, CRACK, or SPAM oriented site, your account will be immediately terminated! Any sales generated for the month that you were terminated in will NOT be paid and will be property of

I thank you for being a part of our Affiliate Program. I look forward to a long, mutually profitable relationship with you.

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